Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Really? Nobody has been a le to guess it?


Boeing 737?


No Sir… It not a 737


A321 bud! Is it a North American airline?


Not an a321


Hint: Check out the emergency exit and the window silouette!


All I can see is you have to pull the window shade up


Yep! That’s because of the emergency exit seat that I was seated on. But check the plane, there are clear signs of the manufacturer and model of the plane!


Might need another hint, I’m stumped. Is it an Airbus?


It is an airbus. You could’ve told by the window silouette and the passenger controla which are only found on airbus’ older aircraft! If you want another hint is that sadly, this bird ain’t flying for much longer as the airline it flies for will start retiring them in december to change them for their NEO newer sisters :(


Is it the A320 family?


Possibly a BAW A319?


No Sir. It’s from the other side of the pond!


United A320?


Air Canada?


No. Here’s another hint!


Spirit airlines?


No Sir. It is not spirit either. I hope spirit had those seats!


Can we not have another hint? This one is quite difficult.


Frontier A320?
If I win someone can have my turn