Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


@Joeoreilly77 I looked it up and I found the exact photo, you are correct. But we should probably still wait for @2003iggy


Yep, your turn.


May I go???


Only if @Joeoreilly77 allows you to. If he does not, you just need to guess the picture he puts up :)


ok then…


I will go due to inactivity.
image No hints. Credit: One Mile At A Time


The FA’s look eastern european. Any chance UIA 738?


@Narruto_Mieumieu That is correct.


I will go then…

Don’t even bother using autosearch as the photo was taken by me.


My friend, it has been more than 12 hours since the last post and thus due to inactivity anybody can go!


Well I don’t know if you speak good english. But Mr Nauruto said: UIA (Ukraine international Airlines if you didn’t know) 738 (code for 737-800 if you didn’t know). Then he was replied: That’s correct (I hope you at least know what that means). That was over 20 hours ago, I am not a turn robber, I just want to put some movement in the game. If you wanna play, welcome. If you wanna fight, please do so somwhere else!


Don’t even bother using autosearch as the photo was taken by me!


Is it an Embraer?


No Sir… Still a small guy


If you need a hint tell me


Looks like an A320.


Which country??


Family. Not model


Avianca A319


I’m afraid not Sir. Avianca’s a319’s have IFE and this one only has WIFI. Maybe a319 but not avianca? Maybe avianca but not a319? Only time will tell…