Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


and @Tony_Zhan went early. He just wanted to give his own post, and jumped the gun.


I also found an idea. Hint is blurred for anyone who wants to try to guess without the hint.

Hint: Private airline, based on the West Coast


Netjets CL605?


The Challenger is a private jet line made by Bombardier, and the Legacy is a line made by Embraer.


Either way, wrong plane, wrong airline. And if the dude meant Challenger, why CL instead of C?


Is it a surf air plane?


nope! Wrong.


No more guesses on this one?

Edit: If there aren’t any more guesses in the next 24 hours, I’m going to release the correct answer.


The answer is a JetSuite Legacy 650.




ANA maybe maybe not


747 I think something in middle east


someone wanna post a new one?


(the plane i was in )
Answer: try not to look at it until you give up :)

Airbus A321 Alaskan airlines most west coast livery)


Alaska Airlines Most West Coast livery


Yeah, I have been onboard that plane. It is the Alaska Airlines Most West Coast A321.


That wasn’t even hard. If you know Alaska Airlines, then you would know that plane.


correct! well done!


@BigBert10 can have my turn.


I don’t have any cabin pictures XD