Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Correct, your turn now!



Ill give the credit afterwards as it will give the picture away


American Airlines B757-300?


No, I’ve been onboard an American B757, and it looked nothing like that. With the seats I mean. The seats looked totally different. That is a 757, but just not an American one.


Icelandair 757-200


Monarch 757?


United 757?


Thomas Cook 757


Icelandair 757-200



Hint: it’s an australian airline


I would say Jetstar


Jet star A320


yeah, already been done.


You got it!


Wait, really? It was Monarch? I was like totally just guessing out of thin air.


I’m out of ideas, so if someone wants to take my turn, go ahead.


Btw that’s nothing like monarch seats are you sure it is ?


@Joeoreilly77 just to confirm, me and @Tucker_Ryan aren’t talking about the post that @Tony_Zhan gave. We are talking about the one before that.


Um im confused on why he didn’t tell who guessed the one he gave out who was right or wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️


@Charlie_Boothe got it, sorry for any confusion