Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


Pan am airlines


If you truly do need a hint, the airline is no longer in business, and was bought out by American Airlines.

That, combined with the color scheme in the 1st class cabin is enough to figure it out.


Why did it take you so long to figure it out? Yes, Pan Am. Which 747 model?


Because I’m not too good at this I don’t know those old ones I’m young!!


So if you want you can have someone else choose


I could take your turn?!


Yeah of course you can bud


I’m letting you choose because I can’t think of anything lol


Hint: Look around cabin for a hint on the airline

I will give photo credits after it is guessed because the answer is in the link :)


Swiss Airlines a330


Swiss 777-300ER


Swiss Cessna 172 lol


Wow, that was fast! It’s now your turn.


Here is the link:


Just kidding


Alright try this:

The airline should not be that hard but the Airplane might be!


Is the Airline Virgin Atlantic?


No sir it is not! Hint: Asia/Middle east


Qatar a350


-900, whoops