Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


I’m sorry!I love to post.


Yeah,I have that feeling,but just wait,by next dawn there will be a question waiting ;)


Hint: Queen of the skies!


I took a break form infinite flight in June. I logged back in for the first time in months today out of curiosity and I cannot believe this thread is still active. Lmao!


747, but which airline is the question…


Lufthansa 747-4/8


You beat me to it 😢


Which one tho?


Lufthansa 747-4? The plane cabin looks like it’s older, and recent retrofitted to accommodate the IFE monitors.


Wrong model, extremely close


Look closely at the safety info card under the IFE monitor and the answer is there!


Lufthansa 747-8!


Yep. Your turn


this one might be easy, it might be hard. We will see.


I can’t tell if it’s a 747 or DC-10.


crap, you’re right.


Alright, give me an hour. I’m in class right now. For now, guess the airline. Let me find a better pic.


Okay, new pic is up. It’s the same aircraft and airline as before. Just a better pic of it.


United Airlines 747-400?


Its the old United livery isn’t it?