Guess the Airline and Aircraft! [Cabin Version]


It says peach in the front haha.


okay, @MrMrMan got it the whole thing. I think it is only fair since he got both the airline and aircraft.


No worries, you can have it. I have to give my turn away anyway :)


okay, now I have to find something. Give me a sec to go through my camera roll.


Okay, here we go. No hints this time.


Is that the cabin of a JetBlue A320?


I don’t think so as there isn’t a mint class.


@Oli_H is right. The A320 doesn’t have mint. Only the A321 has that.


Someone can have my turn :)


Here’s one:


(I blurred out the information on the safety card, it gave it away!)

Hint: Southern Hemisphere


JetStar A320???


Air New Zealand A320?


Nope, Right Aircraft, Wrong Airline.


Yep! You got it! @Oli_H

(I must’ve made it too easy…)


You can sort of tell because of the black seats.


Bonus point: Is it an international or domestic layout?


Domestic? I’m not too sure with that one :D

Hint: Smarter Way to Travel


Malindo Air 737-800?


So close. Airline Right, very close with the aircraft


Then it’s Malindo 737-900!