Guess the aircraft: warbird edition

I’ll start.

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It’s a war plane :3


But what’s its name?

idk. I’m not into war planes from WWII. All I know is that I can see two planes and one of them is falling (the one with the Nazi’s.)

The won that is falling is an HE-111 German bomber.

No clue. No seriously I have no idea

The one flying.

I ment the one on fire. And idk. It kinda looks like Spanish markings? From the spnish civil war? Idk bi planes well

PZL P.11c??

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Correct @Embraer190, its a Polish PZL P.11.

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Next one will be easier.

Tag me when you do it

tag me toooo

@Rodney_Buckland @Embraer190

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Savoia-Marchetti SM.79
or in short sm-79b


Beat me too it. My phone decided not let to let me know until now.

Again the winner. Upload you too some images.

My turn


Looks to be in the lines of the F-106.

Its a Convair f2y sea dart

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