Guess the aircraft (tail)

I have Seen many topic of people guessing the aircraft by wing, cockpit. And i wanted to do one of my own and this one is gonna be tail version.
• dont cheat
• dont post another pic before the other one has been solved
•have fun :)


No starter?

Also I think this is a bit overcooking it, just having a tail version, we have enough community games already.

*Flips a coin. Dang it it’s tails.


This is an unneeded topic. It can just be posted here once you get a turn:


Who cares, here we don’t need to discover the airline, should we post things like this?

To start off! (Will be easy)

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Who can’t get that😂

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Guess the AIRCRAFT

Ok at that point it goes in topic @Tsumia linked

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Not gonna lie, I stopped playing guess the aircraft because the images were the most obscure parts of the aircraft and it was pretty much random guessing with minimal leads.


I also prefer the cockpit version @Ishrion

A350-900 (fill)

Indeed wrong

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Lol i forgot a starter

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Is it the 777?

I honestly thought you would get it on the first or second guess, but no, 777 is also wrong

Is it the a380?

I need to question my existance as an AvGeek unless this is some kind of joke @Majonespudding

Ok is it the a320. I suck at guess the aircraft Challenge

Well it is not

A-ha the 747?

It is an Airbus (look to the APU exhaust)