Guess The Aircraft [Over, Boeing707 got it!]



Looks like an advanced clipper.


What is the Allspark is that ? Looks amazing thou …


Keep guessing


I have no idea


Beriev Be-200


Yes that’s correct


@Boeing707 you have probly got it


Yeo told ya


Good knowledge!


@JDE1303… Imitation is not a compliment! Get your own life sonny!
MAD Max Sends


For future reference, try not to piss of or talk back to Max at any cost. I’m not exactly defending him, but I’m telling you for your own good.


Woah! Shots fired! Please refrain from saying anything like this Josh, after all, you did copy @Maxmustang


I didn’t know so next time try and speak nicely please thanks


Speak nicely? What on earth did I say that wasn’t nice?


No @Maxmustang


@JDE1303… I Flagged you son. A caustic word duel with you is beneath my dignity!
Max Sends


Shots fired! First of all @Maxmustang you (sadly) have no Copyright on your idea about “guess the plane” so he’s free to do it too.
Now to you @JDE1303 Try not to insult people right away. He may have been aggressive towards you but counter aggression leads to even more aggression and so on. So I suggest you both stop right here


@Nick_Art… I flagged your post son. Your out of line. Your instigating a brawl
and I no longer wish to engage in word games with young malcontents!
Max Sends

(Info: @JDE1303)


I recommend you shh mate