Guess the Aircraft Google Earth 3D edition

Welcome to the Guess the Aircraft Google Earth 3D edition where you guess the aircraft in Google Earth 3D view please note some airports may not have it and some may have it to see which one has it it looks bright like this and have 3D buildings

The rules are

1.MUST be your own photo
2. Must be on Google Earth 3D on airports
3. Only one photo per post (you may add more when your turn comes next)
4. Hints may be given (Don’t just give away the answer or it defeats the purpose)
5.Have fun

Here’s the first photo

Hint: It’s in London Heathrow

Only guess the top aircraft (Third Aircraft up)

Here’s my guess
Boeing 757-200

Enjoy the game

hey buddy i think this will get closed due to too many Guess The threads great idea tho :)

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I think we have enough Guess the Aircraft topics for RWA


British Airways 787 is the bottom

British airways 777

No nice try though

Close but not close enough

Is it the 767?
There’s 3 aircraft

Correct but the bottom one is the 777-200ER @Choccymilk


I think there are too many guessing topics at the moment guys.

And another issue with this one: You need to guess yourself what the answer is before you post a picture as you don’t know the answer yourself for sure. There is no „That’s a 777“ description in Google Earth.


Ok well my guess was a 757 @Marc

777-200ER is my guess

I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell it is not a 757.

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Sorry the answer was a 767 as @Choccymilk said @Choccymilk your turn

I’m downloading google Earth

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As the others have stated above,
There are so many “Guess the” topics that it makes no point in making more and more. We have about 10 of these topics, and they are almost the same exact thing, just from different angles. So I think this should be put down, as it’s unnecessary.