Guess the aircraft from the landing gear

Can you guess the aircraft just by looking at its landing gear?? Well lets find out!! Guess in the comments!!

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The Boeing 777?

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Yeah it is the 777

if you move your cursor over the picture it shows “b777_landing_gear_close_up.jpg”. So Ill have a bold guess and say it’s a B777-300ER ;)


It’s category need to be in real world Aviation

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This has to be in #real-world-aviation but you are only TL1.You have to be TL2 (member) in order to post in RWA.Keep liking, posting and contributing to the community and you will get there :)


In addition, I think these might be going a little too far. Next thing you know, there’ll be “guess the aircraft from the fingerprint of the passenger on the toilet door” - we have a few guess-the-aircraft topics already and I think they’re maxed out for the moment :)