Guess the Aircraft From Afar

This thread is for people to guess the aircraft from the ground. Here’s one…

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That looks like a bird to me.

It’s an aircraft all right. Don’t worry. I checked on FlightRadar24.

Guess the aircraft:


There is none lol.

This is stupid. How on earth are we supposed to tell what that plane is. 🙄


Yeah, probably is. I’ll give you an easier one lol. Mine was Lufthansa a330 from Frankfurt to EWR.

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As I said, it looks like a bird.

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Super easy…

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That’s a LOT 788

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Turkish Airways a321?

Very close.

Is it a 757?

Nope, you got the airline right before.

I think it’s some sort of Airbus. A320 family maybe?

Nope, you’re narrowing it down though.

Turkish A330?

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We have a correct!