Guess the Aircraft / Airline (Engine / Wing Edition)

You guys are good at guessing airplanes, airlines, and the airline’s interior… But are you good at guessing the aircraft & airline just by looking at the engine / the wing? (The wing is normally easier though 😂)

Let me start:

What Aircraft and Airline do you think this is?

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Air Canada 777-200lr?

Not quite. Keep guessing :)

Can’t we just have one dedicated “Guess the aircraft” thread.

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No, cause #1 it can’t be too broad. There has to be a certain category so it’s not messy.

#2. One topic will easily get maxed out.

I feel like this is too much. We only need these two if you ask me.

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All of the current “Guess the” threads open.
They can easily be merged into a couple of threads. And plus some of them are just ridiculous.