Guess the Aircraft #2

fynn try mine. (might not get it XD)

Isn’t it’s Nick name the vomit comet

rip (still have to add this and its already getting boring)

no its not.
XD (still adding this)

Is it an RF-6? Just a guess

nope its not XD i bet no one will get this.

Otherwise known as a Slingsby T67 Firefly

It must be the Firefly!

yep thats correct well done :)

Thank you,

Try this one

767-300? just wondering :)

No, clue is that it’s not in the Boeing family

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Easy one, didn’t have much time to find one

Is it an a310?if not I don’t know

Harrier gr something something

Lockhead L1011 or DC-10 (But doesn’t look like it)


Well done 👍 It’s an L1011

Yeah, sorry if it was too easy

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You can post another one