Guess That Airline! Wingtip Edition

Someone already said that.

Who goes next?

Probably a very easy one

South African

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South African a330

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It wasn’t your turn, but it’s fine.

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This seems very unnessary to me…


I agree heavily.

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Kenya Air lines

Can I go now? Sorry that I just joined but I found a really hard one!!

Yes go for it! (It may not be your turn but 12 days is a long enough wait)

I’ll restart this with a hard one:

Virgin Atlantic 787

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Yes! Your turn.

Sorry guys, I know it’s not my turn but this is too good to resist…

Have at it

Emirates A380? @A_Hippopotamus

Good guess, but the Emirates ones have the little logo on the outside of the winglets.

You’ve nailed the aircraft though!

British Airways A380?

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Please see this thread.