Guess that Aircraft Part!

Can I put one lol

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Is it a magneto?

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That’s a magneto

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Good try mark I already answered 😁


I think Michael won that one. Guess you gotta wait until Dubya gives the final verdict. 🥳


@Michael_Czyz comes through with the win here! Although the cables depicted are a ignition harness, the correct answer is a maneto.

Here is an excerpt from the PHAK, briefly describing a magneto:
“In a spark ignition engine, the ignition system provides a spark that ignites the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders and is made up of magnetos, spark plugs, high-tension leads, and an ignition switch. [Figure 7-16]
A magneto uses a permanent magnet to generate an electrical current completely independent of the aircraft’s electrical system. The magneto generates sufficiently high voltage to jump a spark across the spark plug gap in each cylinder. The system begins to fire when the starter is engaged and the crankshaft begins to turn. It continues to operate whenever the crankshaft is rotating.”

Congrats Michael! You are awarded 10 points and take the first contest. Come back tomorrow for our next aircraft component!


Alright folks, time for round 2!


I took this photo inside our Cessna 182Q. This ship is IFR equipped and features an Continental O-470 engine. On the yoke there is a red button (under the red arrow). What does this button do? Remember, points are awarded to the first correct answer. Good luck!

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It’s for missiles right?


Autopilot disconnect, correct?

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That was quick! @HiFlyer takes the points this round. Well done!


@Dubya you might don’t want to forgot this.

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Sorry for the delay folks, work has been busy lately, but that has afforded me the opportunity to take many photos for this thread.

So, without further ado, here is our next aircraft part

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@Dubya Is it a camshaft? Kind of looks like one to me.


Look like it use to rotate another aircraft part. Hmm, no idea.

@HiFlyer takes this round!

Correct, this is a Camshaft out of a Lycoming O-360 engine.

Well done @HiFlyer!


Don’t forgot to give HiFlyer a 10 points which he will be total 20 points.

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