Guess my avatar

Time for that great new game show… Guess My Avatar!

And now, here’s your host…

Seriously, anyone recognize what it is?

(sorry, no prizes)

Pacific Scientific, never heard of it.

a black box ??

A fuel tank cap?

not yet…

Good eye but what IS it?

Honestly I think it looks like the Jedi training remote, lol. I doubt that’s the answer but it was my first instinct.

Wrong, that answer is. :)

Sorry this doesn’t fit one bit of the Forum for me.

This doesn’t fit the #meta or the #general guidelines, for that matter. Wait until you reach TL3 (regular) trust level so you can post off-topic discussions like this in the lounge. Thanks. :)


Don’t know how it ended up in “Meta”. Sorry about that.

It is 100% aviation related.

buckle harness

Maybe change the title so it’s not so misleading.

I’ll give it to you. A winner!

It is a 5 point harness buckle, from a 747 copilot seat I have. I was looking for something round to use as an avatar. This is round.

Thanks for playing.

When is the next one coming?

  • is it a Pacific Scientific Buckle?

I only have one avatar. I’m done.

I think this belongs in a different category though, so I’m told.

You are correct, but Mobin_A beat you to it.

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This relates moreso to users and the forum than aviation, because it’s about a certain figure and not just asking what the object is in a picture.

Doesn’t fit #meta