Guess I am… back?

Well, guess I’m back.
After a whole year of working hard and passing my class with ease I am back in the game. Of course I have done some screenshotting in the meantime, with some edits here and there.
The shots are alright. I turned into a rusty old man… the pictures I’ll be showing you are my “top 10, but in random order” I made in the year I was absent.

Now we got that out of the way, let’s go :)

Route: Various
Flight Time: Various
Aircraft: Various

Big rock
with @Aviation108

KLM Orange Pride coming in from Oranjestad with @Woutopia in the background

A very late turn for the DC-10 from Singapore

TAAG Angola taking off from Luanda, bound for São Paulo with @Edivan_dcds

A nice sunset for Brussels Airlines coming in from New York

Turkish Airlines taking off from IST, going to CCS

Secret formations with @Aviation108

Drone shot

And last we have a Scandinavian A350 departing SFO (@KJKLM281) for CPH

Well, that’s it for now…
Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day ☀️


I guess he is… back

Best formation flyers on the IFC 😎🤜🤛🤡


Nice to see you back
Great shots as well favourite one was the Turkish 787

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Thanks @TransportForLife


The Turkish 787 looks almost real awesome pics

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Thank you my friend

Absolutely Stunning Photos and welcome back! :)

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Is this Kai Tak?


Also welcome back

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Thank you very much :)

@Avaitor1 thanks, and yes that’s Kai Tak 🇭🇰


Amazing!! 😍

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I love Kai Tak

I absolutely love the pics! My personal favorite are the Azerbaijan 787s

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The photos are amazing, welcome back!


Some excellent photos you’ve got there! The Azerbaijan 787s are so colorful, haven’t flown that in a while so it’s nice to be reminded. Also, welcome back!


Welkom terug! (Welcome back)

Now you have some time to join my events :D

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Thank you😊

Thanks @Mr-plane-guy1 and @YC-International
The Azerbaijan livery really is amazing with that beautiful mixture of blue 🇦🇿

Thank you @Aeronaut 😄

@KJKLM281 the events always fall under my dinnertime, where my parents created a “no takeoff & landing zone” between 1500Z and 1800Z🤷‍♂️


Everyone doing there return posts and I’m just sitting here like 🧍

Great shots, glad to see some of the original screenshot people returning!

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Thanks :)

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Your 9th picture is probably the best Infinite Flight screenshot I have ever seen to date (in my opinion of course) and worthy of being on the loading screen or someone’s device background (lock and/or home screen). And welcome back!