Guatemala Volcanos

The purpose is to have a quick sightseeing trip to sample Guatemala’s beautiful scenery.

Casual server, noon, flying north from the southern coastal Airport (MGSJ) in Puerto San José, Guatemala.


Beautiful cinder cone volcano 🌋

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Thanks! I was caught kind of unaware when and how IF’s texturing contrast ramped up. The mix of textuing and volcano shapes impressed me. So many of these gems seem to be waiting to be discovered. It first hit me around the 3D airport in Idaho, and around Salt Lake City in Utah. And then Las Vegas and…


Inspired by a relative headed there for a trip. Lets me be a virtual travel companion.

Volcanoes are fantastic 🌋🌋

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Wow nice shots and volcano ! ;)

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Thank you! Come to think of it, these are with graphic settings all on low.

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Thank you! It’s an area I didn’t know too much about.

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