Guatemala Tower

If somebody wants to fly from Or to MGGT (Guatemala City Airport) cental America, il be in tower for a while. I hope somedoy comes to this region. Very good lanscapes to see. By the way, i suggest middle aircrafts. 737 or 320 family, the heviest had to come very low weight, and the same for take off.


Man your just a couple days late. I flew too MMBT Resentlly and the view is quite awesome.

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Hey Man!!!

If you are gonna be doing ATC sessions regularly I suggest you make an ‘ATC Tracking Thread’, they are practically a place we’re you announce each session, it will keep the Forum less congested etc, here is a link to mine so you can see what they look like: @MaksimFerguson ATC Thread: CLOSED

Also! If you are closed please edit your title accordingly and place CLOSED in it to avoid confusion!!!

Thanks Man!!

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Ok. Thank you for the advice

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I see there’s some gente from Central America on here. Maybe one day a MSLP - MGGT flight is in order?

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