Guatemala City to Los Angeles

Yesterday I saw that Los Angeles was really busy with over 250 planes inbound. So I hopped in a United 737-800 and flew from Guatemala City to Los Angeles in 4 hours 17 minutes. I was playing around with edits in these pictures. Let me know what you think

  1. Departing runway 02

  1. Climbing

  1. Cruising over Cardenas, Mexico

  1. Passing by Pico De Orizaba which is a mountain in Mexico

  1. Somewhere in Northwestern Mexico

  1. Entering the USA

  1. Descending

  1. On final runway 25L

  1. Touchdown with a long line of aircraft waiting to depart 25R

  1. At the gate

which picture was your fabroite
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Thanks for looking


Im not sure if I quite like the blurring but cool shots!!


Thanks. I don’t really like it either I was just playing around with it

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Bit too much blurring! πŸ˜…
Other than that the photos are great! Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more photos. πŸ‘

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I am not sure about the blur vignette, but picture number 7 loos beautiful

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