Guardian Life Flight finds Ping

On the 29th of January, after a horrible week in the medical community, a King Air 200 from Guardian Flight crashed off the coast of Alaska while flying to Kake, Alaska. A small village in the South east region of Alaska.The US Coast Guard spent 63 hours searching for debris and only found part of the wing from the King Air, after calling it off Guardian hired private searchers including Teamsco helicopters out of Juneau, two boats with 24 hours crews to continue searching to bring the three crew members home.

Guardian also hired a private company with a remote vehicle to search for anything, earlier yesterday morning Guardian announced publicly they have located “pings” from the voice recorder beacon.

Randy Lyman, Guardian Flight said on a post yesterday

“We are confirming that the search efforts for Guardian Flight’s missing crew and aircraft has taken a step forward. The underwater beacon ping from the cockpit voice recorder “black box” has been detected. There will now be efforts to narrow down its location through triangulation and to determine depth. We are hopeful that the Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) will assist in visually spotting the aircraft and be followed by successful recovery efforts. Again, our thoughts, prayers and heartfelt feelings are extended to the families, friends and colleagues of our fellow crew members.”

The King Air departed Anchorage with three members onboard.


Very sad to hear. I hope that the families are ok and that the people looking for it. can find the rest of the wreckage soon.


Same here, I’m interested in what caused it to go down, King Airs just don’t fall out of the sky like this.

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Such a shame to see this. I hope that the families are safe.

On another note, are you the former Mark Stursy, @RotorGuy?

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