Guaranteed boredom @KPAE

I went to spot since I have to go back to School tomorrow😑 so here da pics

Some boring paint just go it is so boring

See I told you it was boring why don’t you leave already. Just some boring GA

I told you it is boring. Hey at least you get to see a 747 looking for some candy in a hangar

Who is going to tell him he forgot to bring his nose to work

Just a super boring E175


Hope you liked the boredom bye 👋 oh yeah my cam is a Canon rebel T6


Wow, I really liked the 747 ups

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Jeez, I’m so bored now… that was so boring. Jk, nice shots, especially the noseless 787.

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Told ya it was boring… Thanks!

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Thanks idk if he found the candy he was looking for

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Airplane heaven!!! Love them!

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that was very boring’nt, especially the 777 behind the american 787

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Thank you for visiting my workplace! Lovely shots!

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I know so boring

Thanks! I live around Paine so I spot their quite a bit

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