Guannlin's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (Passed)

                          Hello and welcome to my ATC tracking thread

      I would like to start my training progress as soon as I pass my written test.




Ground and Tower


Training Server

Come and fly some pattern work!
Transition and touch and go inbound is also really helpful!

Runway use for depart will be shown in my comment when opening.

Apologize for the opening time, I didn’t realize both Europe and America is in middle of the night or early morning. I will choose a better time for opening.

Feedback ET386VA:
1.unnecessary “make left traffic” in the first landing clearance for 05L.You’ve told me to make left traffic in the take off clearance,then pilots will keep making left traffic unless you issue a new instruction.

All in all,nice session!Good luck!

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@captBob Thanks for coming!

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You’re welcome!

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Opening now!
05R/05L in use.


@eliotp10 you caught me off guard! Next time I will response quicker :DD

Hi there! Going to give you my feedback
Callsign: EI-IOT

Pushback & taxi commands: You did excellent on this part, expecting me to X runway is a effective way to tell pilots where to head their aircraft.

Takeoff: You gave me clearance and traffic to follow, excellent.

Sequence, Patterns:
1st Pattern: I’ve found too early my clear for option call when I even not fully out of the runway, good call but wait until the pilot is upwind turning crosswind to make a sequence or clear to option.

2nd Pattern and DWN runway change: I’ve noticed too that you gave Australia 1 too many clear to options, for the future; it’s okay to only clear once but it’s up to pilot decision to say if it’s full stop or touch and go, sometimes pilots even doesn’t report their intentions, so be on the look on their speeds in the runway, if these don’t exceed over 85 knots execute the exit runway command. Now, when a pilot request a runway change it means two things: he need a new pattern along the sequence if needed and the entry which you did (good) and what traffic take to, like this: EI-IOT make left downwind Runway 05R (this is the pattern entry) and EI-IOT cleared for the option Runway 05R, make right traffic. You didn’t send me that last part.

3rd Pattern and UPW runway change: Now here comes the most important thing I want to recall in your next TT. Upwinds runway are common and is the same for DWN. When a pilot request a rwy change you simply put this: EI-IOT enter left downwind Runway 05L. Why left and not right as you put? Because as controller you must put into pilots perspective and send him where to enter, on his right or left downwind.

Touchdown & exits commands: You did great here, call in good time the command.

Here’s my feedback, hope you can practice this in a future.

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Thanks for this big feedback! I will sure to do better next time.

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Glad to see that! And no worries, there’s fellas in the IFATC will give bigger feedbacks. See ya soon in the team, great day!

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Oh! After a revise, I am not sure I get your meaning, just to make it clear incase a same situation happens again.

If an aircraft remanning in pattern takeoff at 05L I will give a left traffic instruction, this have no problem. But the reason I give you the command “enter right downwind runway 05L” is because right downwind is closer than the left one. Is it better(or should I) to treat you as same as aircraft taking off from 05L? Huge thanks!

Opening Now!
05L/05R in use


I get your point but when you’re on a training you will understand why it should be like that. That’s called upwind conflict.

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Opening now!!
05L/05R in use

Opening now!!!

Runway 05L/05R in use.

Opening KSSC currently at Training Server
Rwy 22R/22L in use!!

Opening now!
Airport RCTP
Training Server
Runway 05L/05R in use.
Come and fly some pattern work!

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Airport: KLCK
Server: Training
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Runway in use: 23L/23R
If possible, fly in from airport nearby and do touch and goes is really helpful too!

(OPENING AT 1500Z~1 Hour)

This will be my last opening before practical test!


Great controlling @guannlin, I enjoyed flying under your control. I’m still relatively new to the game so sorry if I made some errors in flying. As for feedback I think u did a great job at least from my perspective, but I’m not an IFATC expert so maybe u can take this as a general flyer’s perspective.

Thank you for the time @guannlin

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All the best for your practical ! I look forward to tuning into your frequency soon in Expert sever!

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