Guangzhou to Toronto - China Southern B788 (CZ311)

Here another IFC post about my flight with one of my favorite liveries. China Southern from Guangzhou to Toronto on the 787!

Flight info:
Origin: ZGGG
Destination: CYYZ
Airline: China Southern
Aircraft: B788
Flight Time: 13:42

Departure from Guangzhou!

(I wish Guangzhou was 3D… :( )

Cruising at FL351, down below Beijing Capital airport (ZBAA)

(I tried making the airport load from that far away, but no luck…)

Above the border between China and Russia: the Heilongjiang Province (left of the river) and the Amur Oblast (right of the River) with Ignatyevo Airport (UHBB) down below (FL370)

Left the Asian continent behind and we are now above the Brooks Range, a mountain range in northern Alaska (FL390)

(I wish IF had proper scenery for this)

From the passenger view, a view of Hudson Bay (FL410)

Finally time to approach Toronto Pearson! Landing at runway 23

With a butter landing to top it off…

And parked at the gate after 14hrs! Met up with @Anshul who was flying from Karachi (OPKC) to Toronto aswell!

And thats all folks!

Thanks for the ATC service (I forgot who was ATC at the time, sorry!) at Toronto!


Great flight! And nice pictures! Fantastic

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Using the 787-8 is actually wild


Great Shots!

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