Guangzhou to Kai Tak

I thought I would share my flight from ZGGG to VHHX (be warned - the landing wasn’t the best)

Kai Tak is a so great airport 😍

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You flew the final approach course and the turn perfectly! But…wasn’t it too slow for a B747 to cross the threshold at around 120kt?
However, the initial approach was not that realistic.If you are arriving from the north, you should include fixes “TAMOT MIKE CHALI” in your flight plan (though it may extend your arrival route) , and start your approach at Cheung Chau (CH) , instead of direct VHHH and making a 360 above the airport…
Here’s the chart for VHHX in case you don’t understand 😄

I was using the chart on the right…

What do you mean “On the right”? From the east?

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I used this one

Got it
I would like to share a little trick to help you intercept the IGS course like what’s on the chart. First you should include “CH GOLF SL IFL01 HKOM1 HKMM1” in your flight plan. Then when you cross CH VOR, Disable LNAV,maintain heading and a speed of 180kt until you CROSS GOLF. At the moment you cross GOLF, use your autopilot to turn heading 45 as you slowly descends. This allows the plane to avoid terrain near VHHH. You will find that the plane will be heading towards SL NDB just like the track on the chart. After crossing SL you may turn on the LNAV again to make a smooth interception!😉
I hope I’ve made it clear😂😂

Thanks for the advice - I will use this next time.

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