Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 2

Hey, this is intended for IFAET members, but I wanted to know if Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (ZGGG) Terminal 2 is being worked on? The google maps are all out and the terminal has been in service for close to two years.

I know the terminal layout is there but gates have not been added


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Let me check if someone is working on it and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

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We’re aware that airports are constantly changed and we know about the new terminal at ZGGG. We have no one working on it currently. I can’t say when someone would do it, but please be assured we’ll eventually get to it.

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You mean IFAET, because IFAE is a VO which your not talking about 🙃

Yes, my bad

We are also referred to as IFAE, as the chicken came before the egg (the IFAET came before the IFAE), and we just added a ‘Team’ to it to avoid confusion
In simple terms. All our programs, tutorials and and stuff are labelled without a T 🙂

unrelated but if the chicken came before the egg was that chicken an egg?

If the chicken came before the egg, then was the egg a chicken Or was the chicken an egg?

but then again, if the chicken didnt come from an egg where did it come from😂

An egg. But where did the egg come from? 😜

Rather than talking on here let’s talk about egg chickens (as your preferred order) in a PM. Lol

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See Bruno’s response above for clarification.