Gtmkm98's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Gtmkm98’s Tracking Thread


  • No Flight Plan Needed for Pattern Work

ATIS will be stated in the comments before I open up a site.

Please come and help me with my ATC skills; any aid is highly appreciated!

Raliegh Durham Airport, ATIS Information Alpha, Time 2430Z, Wind, missing. Dew Point, missing, QNH, missing. Remarks, File flight plan before contacting ATC, Rolling Departures Only. Landing Runway 23L, Departing Runway 23R. Advise on Initial Contact, you have Information ALPHA.

Im coming!

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Thank you! Any help is appreciated!

  • No Flight Plan Needed for Pattern Work
    you told me to check ATIS.

I know. I was just making sure you knew the airfield information. Nothing is wrong.

Than approve my push back too. I thought It was implied I read the post before starting, my apologies.

My apologies. Thank you for coming!

Im not trying to be mean, but that was very bad. Im gonna try again coming from a difrent airport. After thus run Ill send fredback

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I’m sorry.

I’m having some connection problems.

Its fine I was bad too at first :)

No problem

Are you inbound?

Can I be your departure and arrival

Sure! You can!

Ok coming now

I’m going to a flight actually how much longer

Is this on TS or ES?

Training Server