Gtmkm98’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed]

Hello, everybody, this is my tracking thread.
Pattern Work: Always Allowed under my control of Tower and Ground, unless specified.
Intersection Departures: No
Airports: KBHM, KBNA, KHSV, KCHA, or KTYS; other airports will be added later.
Aircraft limitations: Smaller aircraft is recommended at all airports mentioned above; up to 787-10 at KBHM; 767-300 and A320 at KHSV; up to CRJ-900 at KCHA; up to MD-80 at KTYS; Up to 747-8 at KHSV as cargo.
Maximum Number of Touch and Goes for pattern work: 8; full landing procedurals must be followed after 8th touch and go. This rule only applies if the airport is busy.
Etiquette: Be respectful, and I will get you where you are going. Doing the right thing is always appreciated.
Aside from that, go have fun! I’ll be happy to see you!

Are you open right now?

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I’m about to open up KBHM tower and ground; I’ll be open from 9:05 to 10:30 today.

Make sure you denote whether you are open or not in the title

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Oh, okay! I’ll apply that in the future!

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I’m a bit curious as to why this is a rule

I guess I worded it incorrectly at first; this will save me some time.

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If you are training for IFATC it is good to practice sequencing and clearances at busier airports. With 4-5 aircraft in the pattern, you can become more experienced as a controller.


Also make sure that you say what airport you’re at when you open in the title

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