GTA Flying

I wasn’t sure what category to put this in, but anyway here it goes. I was wondering if anyone here had GTA on their PS4 and wanted to fly with me. If you do and want to fly with me just shoot me a PM.


No I don’t play unfortunately. I think this in support to be general, correct me if I am wrong.

“The Infinite Flight Community”


This is a Infinite flight forum, so only Aviation related stuff is allowed on the forum. So i dont think GTA will belong to any category

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I put it in meta… But it has to do with flying so…

Flying? Yes (if you count the GTA physics as flying that is). Infinite Flight? No.

As much as I’m sure lots of people would play, this isn’t really the place to be asking :(

Have fun none the less!


Meta is also only for forum related things. But what he meant is that other flight simulator / game topic should be left out.

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No need to be so agressive. He asked a question and he should be corrected in a polite manner.


I think this is off-topic, I don’t think it is related to IF

Alright I’ll put it in a kind way.

What you’re doing right now is like going into a Nike Shop and trying to sell your Adidas top. It isn’t right.


Non IF-related. Thx!