GSE conection to Weight & Balance page

So with introduction of Ground services in 22.4 why not starting to connect it with the Wight and Balance page and block it.

Currently Weight & Balance page is accessible when on Ground, Parking Break set and speed is 0kts.

Now wih 22.4 and the new Ground services we could update it so you get access to the Weight and Balance Page when on Ground, Parking break set and speed is 0kts but to change passengers on board also Stairs or Jetbridges need to be connected. Same for the cargo load to change the cargo load the Cargo equipment needs to be connected.

One little this will be kept as normal is the fuel as currently we don’t get Fuel trucks to connect to the Aircraft but when we will get it it would work the same way.

I hope you guys understand what i mean and like this aswell.

Was waiting for this to come up, could work nicely with this: Time to load the aircraft


Yeah thats also a nice idea