GSE (Aircraft Refueler)

I would like to just point out NO AIRPORT DEPARTURES commences without Aircrafts being fueled for taxi, takeoff and inflight.

The implementation of GSE to Infinite Flight 22.4 should have that applied for more real world authenticity.

I would submit having aircraft refuelers with the ability to go under the wing of planes, and be able to connect hoses to illustrate proper refueling….



Excellent idea. It’s important to remember that this is V1 of GSE and more equipment may be added in the future to further enhance the realism aspect of the flight simulator.

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Absolutely right! I heard on the recent stream that someone from the dev team is determined to deliver top notch designs and updates and has an eye to the detail whilst they just released yet again a half done product. gpu is decorative and there’s no fuelling like you said.


They wanted to get something out to us - same with the taxi lights. Non-functional ground services is better than no ground services. It’s a nice aesthetic addition - they will gain functionality later down the line.

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From what I said in a conversation with Jason in the 22.4 release topic. It’s important to realize the dev team has shifted strategies from years ago, when they’d release a couple updates a year containing features that were more or less 100% “finished”. These days, with a rapid release/iterate strategy, they’re shipping a more “basic” V1 sooner and providing us with V2-VX over the following months/years.

It’s not that they’re now focused on delivering sub-par or basic features. Rather, it’s that (for the reasons I said above) it makes more business sense to deliver the basic foundation of something sooner, then gradually making those features more detailed over time. For example, take clouds: we got a cirrus layer in 21.1, and it was recently mentioned that once changes are made later this year and early next, we might see some more cloud types. The same goes for GSE and lighting systems. Patience is key, and the long-term strategy is still to pack as much detail as possible into the sim.


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