GS indicator

Looked around for ideas relative to this with no luck so forgive me if already hit on. I like to taxi in the outside “locked” camera view, and being that GS is not the same as air speed, I feel it would be exceptionally helpful to have the GS indicator available in any camera mode to help avoid violations when accidentally taxiing at GS’s of 35+.

It already is available! Go to your task bar on the bottom of the screen! Hold on a particular indication like the yoke and scroll through the options!

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Of course it is. Wow. Had no idea I could customize that. Let’s pretend this post never happened!

Its alright your probably not the only person out wanting to know the same same thing!

Are you on live!

Indeed. South Florida @KMIA

Not that bad I must invest in a few regions as I only have the free ones! I’m thinking London and not sure where else!

I don’t remember if Seattle is free but it’s well worth it!

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Yeah I grabbed SF because it’s home to me so it only seemed right.

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Existing feature.