GS exceeding 550 kts due to tailwind

I was flying B777 at FL350 in Training Server with a mach number of 0.84, its cruising speed. When I returned to my device after some time, I noticed that my ground speed is 567 kts due to strong tailwind (~90 kts). Subsequently, I reduced my airspeed to around M0.76, which is not so realistic at that altitude and a near-stall value. I have heard that there is a 550 kts ground speed restriction in Expert Server. Is there still such a restriction? If so, how do you manage such ground speeds due to strong tailwind?


I would take the tailwind. I once did 614 gs in a 747 crossing the Atlantic.


Hello! There is no violation for exceeding a certain ground speed, just a violation for exceeding 260 under 10000


My flight was also transatlantic (from KJFK to LFPG). I have also come across a case where a BA plane broke speed record crossing the Atlantic.

This was dropped almost 5 years ago, so you got nothing to worry about :)


Thanks for the information! :)

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There is no restriction on GS only 250 knots below 10000

Lol my highest was 697 knots GS when doing Amsterdam to singapore

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Be sure to mention that the 250kt speed limit is in KIAS, not true or ground speed.

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