Grxninesix’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi! Welcome to my ATC thread!

See the posts for my status and current activity



Tower and Ground open
Approach is active by someone else
Runway 04 in use

Wind calm clear sky
Looks like event are in progress… 10 aircrafts arriving

Update title to [CLOSED] @ N/A when you’re offline.

APP 32R/32L
DEP 32R/32L 36L 36R

Wind calm

Why are you controlling approach/departure?

Tower/ground is what is tested, and you have to wait 60 days after joining IFATC to start training for it.

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I am not gonna join IFATC anytime soon, man :)
I am just enjoying controlling ATC in Training server, and don’t want more for now.I make this thread to let people know where I control. Are these topics only for future IFATC control’er?

Édit: looks like it’s the case. So no I am not actually looking for joining IFATC so… I don’t think I need a topix, I made it as a information topic for anyone that want to spawn where I control to make trafic ^^

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No but here’s the one to apply you should try to check

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