Grumman Turbine Mallard

I think this would be an awesome plane for global, even tho we don’t have water physics yet. It really is a pretty plane. Built in the 1940s and 50s, the Grumman Mallard was mentioned to replace the Grumman Goose, and was aimed at the civilian market. Many company’s, the most famous of them being Chalks Ocean Airways, bought Mallards. Later, many of them were converted to run of turboprop engines, increasing useful load, cruise speed, and burning less fuel than the radial engine counterparts. It sure is an awesome looking airplane.image



That’s weird- but I kinda like it 🤗

Lol,i had to think where the front of the plane was for a second… 🤔

This plane is awesome as I am a sucker for old planes.

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It’s a C-130 that can float!

Except 1/8 of the size of a herky bird

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It looks like one of those firefighting planes that can land on the water

It is an Amphib. That’s the cool part about it is that it can go anywhere in the world.