Groups interntional flights

today were going to do a flight from KLAX-KSFO with waypoints and IFR flight plan
plan the flight plan and I will copy the flight plan ok now be there play ground server KLAX

at advanced server at KLAX

flight from KLAX-KSFO with waypoints ILS

How are you going to perform this flight plan when IF does to allow region to region flgihts?

Ok I am here . Emarites 0028

I watched a video at youtube that user made it to KSFO from KLAX

I see you now

I will join also I’m Norstar 261

I can’t come sorry

It’s okay maybe next time.

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@Dodo_Farhat are u at KLAX and if so what’s your call sign

a380 asiana airline

fly heading 288

fly heading 304

Found you am now tracking your heading, just departed form KLAX.

let wish that it will takes us to KSFO god is great

allah is great

Yup lets hope it does

Do we have altitude restrictions on our way there?? And what is our cruise altitude??

10,000ft speed 210knots