Grouping Commands

I like to communicate multiple things to pilots in one go. What I mean by this is, for example, when I am Ground at KLAX I will often issue the “Follow aircraft ahead.” command when issuing taxi clearance to a pilot. I find that this preemptively de-conflicts any traffic situations further down the taxiway and creates a more clean and efficient flow of aircraft.

Currently, when an ATC wants to do this it requires multiple inputs and can quickly clog up the text-to-speech system. During peak times I can have up to a 15-30 second delay on what requests and commands I’m issuing vs when I hear them through the tts system.
By allowing ATC to group commands together, this would allow for a greater transfer of information without spamming the frequency with repeated inputs from the controller.

In order to clear an aircraft to taxi and request that it follow the aircraft ahead of it, the commands would currently be:
“YA-BOI, taxi to runway 25R, contact tower when ready.”
“Taxi to runway 25R, YA-BOI.”
“YA-BOI, follow aircraft ahead.”
“Following aircraft ahead, YA-BOI.”

If a controller were able to group commands into one message, it would simply be:
“YA-BOI, taxi to runway 25R, follow aircraft ahead.”
“Taxi to runway 25R, following aircraft ahead, YA-BOI.”

The possibilities extend further than this.
I personally like to thank pilots and wish them a good day as I’m ending my period of handling their aircraft. This can really spam up the frequency when handling multiple aircraft that are finishing their time with me at the same time.

An idea to implement something like this would be to have a “Send” button at the bottom of the control list box. An ATC would go through and select commands as they normally would. The only difference would be that instead of issuing the command and going back to the main command menu as it currently does, it would add that command to a queue and go back to the main command menu. A controller would simply press “Send” to issue that single command or they can begin selecting another command to add to the queue. When the ATC has selected all of the commands they would like to include in that transmission they would be sent in a single command.

Sorry if this topic seems a bit rushed, it is. 😅
Please comment with any questions or criticism of this idea and don’t forget to scroll back up and smash that Vote button 😂

Even with the delay, aircraft receive the commands sent immediately after you send them. There is no delay there, just simply with the overall backlog on the TTS system itself.

It can actually become counterproductive to have this implemented. For instance, what happens if you’re queuing up the commands you want, and while you’re doing this, the aircraft are already taxiing and come into a ground conflict with another aircraft that requires your immediate attention, such as a potential collision? You would then have to clear the queue to issue the correct commands, which would only take longer

I’m aware. But other than seeing the flashing indicator that a pilot has transmitted something, you get no other indicator that a pilot has done so. The audio should have as little delay as possible, there’s no reason for that to not be a goal. Also, if realism is the goal of this flight simulator, then one would only imagine that steps that can be made to do so should be considered.
Also, one day when taxiways are actually marked in the game and controllers are able to give instructions on which runways to turn on, would it be preferable to have to send each taxiway individually, or would you rather be able to list them in one transmission as they do in real life?

Clear button. Not that much of an issue. One would imagine that say, a controller had to stop to speak to another aircraft, when he returned to the original it would be where he left off, as it does now.
Also, commands generally wouldn’t have more than 2-3 in each transmission. To make a change wouldn’t be that difficult.

I’m sorry but I see too many conflicting situations if this was to be implemented therefore I cannot give you my support on it but I wish you best of luck

I agree with you here. When I open centers, it usually takes 15-20minutes to clear out the backlog, all while I’m still sending commands. I do think that, as long as you are vigilant in your controlling duties, the visual cues, both the flashing plane and it’s strip, should be enough to get your attention that they’re requesting something.

In this sense, again I agree that it would be great to be able to give them a sequence of taxiways to follow before they move. I can see both pros and cons of this, however I strongly feel that, by spending more time on a menu with a single aircraft near 25L, you could lose Situational Awareness with an upcoming ground collision with an aircraft exiting 24L while another is taxiing to parking next to the runway.

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