Hello everyone!

I was wondering how many people out there like to fly in groups or solo?

I don’t mind flying alone or with people but I think flying with people can be cool because you get to meet new people, discover the IF world and end up where you least expected. I’m thinking of making a discord server for people that are interested in flying together so pilots can meet, coordinate flights with one another and explore the world ;)

If any of you are interested in group flights or the server please let me know!


I like flying in smaller groups up to 5 people so it doesn’t get chaotic, but I only fly with people from Nonstop Virtual, the virtual airline I am a member of, because Discord is simply more convenient for chatting and exchanging flight details, etc.

Thats cool! The group flights wouldnt be to long and it would be people from all over…
The Discord platform is just for exchanging details as you said and meeting people and coordinating flights.

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Id be interested flying in groups if there short flights. Send the discord link if you make one. I usually fly long flights alone.


Cool! I’ll work on making it ;)

Yes the group flights will mostly be short

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I’d be happy to fly with you. :)

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Great! Did you want the discord link?

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