Group Video or Chat during flight?

I’ve searched and found a lot of mixed things on this topic however none too recent. Can we make a way to where we all can voice chat or something like every other gaming system out there? Not sure if twitch or YouTube live would work but even just an audio or chat server we could all go to when doing group flights or VA? What’s the latest on this because FS2020 is gonna drop soon and that will definitely have it however I’d rather stick with the IF Community but really would like to see us be able to communicate with each other besides this forum.

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VAs can usually have some sort of group call using Slack or Discord or whatever they use, but that seems to be the limit of what’s possible so far.


Discord voice chat is good , but yeh Need access to a second device . In game Party chat would be pretty handy!
Party so don’t have to hear or see everyone else’s chats etc …

it would be cool but I don’t see them adding this anytime soon tbh its only slack or discord for now :)

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