Group Message with 30+ people

So as some people may know we have this group PM for Aussies & Kiwis called the AKC (Aussie Kiwi Chat). The issue is, there’s a lot of Aussies and Kiwis on the forum and our PM is now at the 30 person limit. However, there’s many people who are inactive who are in that PM, but nobody, not even the OP, can remove them, they must remove themselves. So we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment. Any suggestions?

Another issue we have is the 500 reply limit. After we reach 500 replies someone has to make a new chat. Not a huge deal but it can get annoying because we get to 100 replies fast.


I’m pretty sure the 30-person limit is set by Discourse themselves, not IFC, if that’s what you’re asking.

If you’re asking for alternate options, maybe try opening a Slack or Discord server?

(Edit: Now that I think about it, you probably know that already since you’re a staff of a VA and a regular, so I probably wasn’t very helpful. sorry. oh wait, FaceTime supports up to 40 people haha)


I would suggest to flag the message and ask for a moderator to remove the inactive participants. Then you will be able to invite more people until you reach again the 30 members in a message limit.


Alright, thanks. Is there a way we could work around this one;

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Well that sounds like the perfect time to remove inactive users.


Why don’t you have a look at this topic. I am sure you will understand why there is a max/replies/limit. It applies for the IFC too:


The forum isn’t intended to be used as a group/Instant messaging service, that’s why there’s a cap of 30 members and 500 replies.

I’d suggest you to use another alternative like discord, etc.


Maybe create a discord or slack? I don’t know how to get around the 30 person limit.

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Question are you referring to regulars or is this just a chat group

Make a what’s app group

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Anyways.Forwarding on what @The_Geniusman said make a discord or slack group where it has no reply limit or a member limit

Just make a new AKC when I was on there we had about 20 being made everyday

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Hi @KaiM. It’s your man Patria, Why not create a facebook group? You can regulate better :)

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Problem with facebook though is not everyone has one and not everyone wants one. So we decided to split between a discord and an IFC DM. Need be one is more civilised than the other


Well sometimes what everyone wants is not what everyone gets so I was thinking it should be what everyone gets without the “what everyone wants part”…

Here is a thought…dont waste your 500 reply limit and get more funding.

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That is fair. But we took a vote and it was almost a 50/50 split. But if need be. We might consider other communication needs