Group Flights

Hello again fellow aviators. Michael here. I would like to ask about some things and any help will be much appreciated…

Here are my questions:

  1. Can any user (including me) at any Trust Level at any time create a group flight ? Or are these kind of events created by specific members or staff ?

  2. If someone creates/arranges a group flight, can anyone just join in at the announced time ? Or do I have to make an announcement so the user knows that I am coming ?

  3. What is an “event” ? Is that the everyday ATC schedule and active airports on the expert server perhaps ?

Thanks in advance. Good day



Yes, they can. They are sometimes created by staff, like Misha’s Wacky Flying series

It’s easier of you announce it to OP

An event are community created Flyouts, Flyins, or both that choose a specific time and place to give IFC members a chance to seee something new! They are sometimes synced with the ATC schedule, but 80% of the time they aren’t.

Hope you have a good time!

Feel free to PM with more questions!



Anyone can join a #live:groupflights. I don’t think you have to make a announcement.

Event is a organized event by a person here that made it. It’s not really the active airports for IFATC that are the event.


@Stellar_G thanks a lot for your help…one more thing: what is meant by “OP” ?

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OP = Original Poster

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Ah yes the poster - the person who posted it. Got it thanks

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Sorry, I couldnt resist lol

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@IF787 Don’t worry mate. I have a good sense of humor…
…as a matter of fact, let me just say “…100 knots…145V1…155Vr (rotate)…165V2 positive rate of climb, gear up…35000 feet, Mach 0.78Vsause” 😂

I will add this to my V speeds 😂

Hello dear now you have the answers but make sure the topic for the group flight or event in right categories .
Good luck dear .

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Thanks dear

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