Group Flights


Figured I would make this since some of us enjoy flying together. Organize your fun group flights here!


Would anyone like to fly now?


I’ll give it a go… Where you flying out from?


San Diego. My call song is West jet 5578 and I am flying to KNUC on the advanced sever. Then hopefully to LAX and back down to KSAN.


Sorry. Change of plans. I can’t do it tonight but maybe some other time :wink:


Haha no problem


Join me group flight my name is dodo Farhat on multiplayer




@Dodo_Farhat @United_IAH @AviationJunkie @Zach_S maybe all of us could do a flight together some time :wink:


I’m free to fly right now if you want to join me?


I need to go some where right now but I will contact you when I get back :wink:


Okay, sure


Alright so my call sign is WestJet 5578 I will be at KSAN flying to KNUC and then LAX back down to SAN. See you there.


Spawn at terminal 1 at gate 10


what server? My callsign is UPS 295 Heavy


Advanced and I am changing my call sing to FedEx 5578


Flying to LAX if anyone wants to meet us there


Coming now


I am WestJet 5578 at terminal 2 with UPS


My game crashed :frowning: