Group Flights on Live (NOT EVENTS - 3 PEOPLE MAX)

Hello IF Community! This thread is for anyone willing to do a group flight with up to three people. If you are interested, please comment what time you are available, what region and airport and which server you are interested in, and finally, your callsign and aircraft. See you soon!


I’d be interested. Any server, any region, doesn’t matter to me. Now if you’d like.


I am free from 12PM GMT+4 Until 3AM GMT+4; Live + user, but i personally prefer to make a dead region Alive on the expert


Sure, would you like to meet up at Düsseldorf on the Training Server? Now?

That invite was for nateC, we can make the server alive ;)

Is that an available airport? What region is that in? Didn’t think we could fly in Germany at all until global

Amsterdam is a big Region that contains EHAM (Amsterdam) EDDL (Dusseldorf) and EBBR (Brussles)

Amsterdam. Airport code EDDL.

I am in a KLM ERJ-190.

Ahh gotcha, I’ll spawn in now. FedEx 216

I’ll copy your flight plan

Ok, lets fly to Schipol.

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Actually, NVM the flight plan, let’s just do Direct to EHAM.

That was a good flight! Are you able to do another one? (If you want to that is ;)

Good flight, I enjoyed it! If I had a single gripe, and it’s a small one, strobes come on once on the runway or in the air. Any other time they’re off.
I enjoyed it man and if you ever want to fly with someone don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Yeah I know, I always forget the strobes XD
Are you able to do another quick flight?

You free now for a flight TS1 or Casual?

I am free this evening from 3 PM EST to 9 PM EST (Tuesday - June 13)

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