Group Flights does not need our help

Group Flights is a highly successful category that does not need attention.


I’m going to say it, and this is going to sound harsh, but I don’t mean it that way.

Very few people care about your flight. It’s great that people want to fly all over the world, but people simply don’t want to follow along. They have better things to do. I mean look at events, medium to large events have 20-50 people that they get over the course of oh, a month+, how many do you expect in three hours? And most people can’t just drop everything and fly on demand. I think #live:groupflights will always be low volume frankly… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Cool, I see your arguments but there is the FNF or events like Heathrow meet-up created by the staff for all members to join and stuff. It’s also like how much time you have until the event like @KPIT is saying, I feel like the #live:groupflights, to me, is meh. There isn’t any harm in having it but it’s hard to make an event that people will join, especially outside a VA/VO


Most of us don’t have time to jump on a group flight in less than three hours. It just doesn’t happen. Accept the fact that it will always be that way. It’s what #live:events is for if you want lots of people.

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Yeah fortunately nobody likes scenery in Texas but me. Lol


Interesting replies.

Maybe set up a new category along side the group flights category where people can simply put I will be taking off from xx in xx minutes if anyone wants to join because the group flights category isn’t really a place for that so people that cant do group flights due to work or school they can get on there when they have time and jump into a flight with someone, however I personally feel that the majority of group flights posted are rather long and dont appeal to people who dont have time for a 4-9 hr flight so maybe make some group flights 1-3 hours and more people will want to join especially if someone wants to do multiple group flights a day.

  1. There is already a template on the physical post when people post.
  2. I dont see this as that big of an issue. Its not like there are a dozen posts telling someone. Most will flag it or PM the OP directly. You are more than welcome to help someone new out by PMing them to offer feedback and advice.
  3. Group flights are within 3 hours. It is not an event where you can expect hundreds of people to show up. Staff flights have the luxury of being advertised on social media which in turn introduces new people to the website.

@Franksaviation515 - Group flights don’t have to be long. If you want to do a quick 20 minute flight, post it anyways and see who joins. Remember that not everyone lives on the forum 24/7 so it takes time for people to see the post and join. This category is still new so we are evaluating it so we will not be adding a new one at this time.


That makes sense I was under the impression that they have to be a certain length thank you for the clarification.

Unfortunately, Group Flights are very “quick happening thing.” Meaning that people on the forum have only 3 hours or less to be advised about an upcoming group flight. I myself always thought of Group flights as a place where you can join someone if you’re bored kinda thing. While I agree with your argument, at the same time I think that it’s not someone’s duty to fly with someone else under short notice. The #live:events category can always be your main option, but may take some time until they actually start, which is good for people if they don’t know whether they can make it or not.

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I did make a topic on this but it hasn’t seemed to help or be used here it is.

Can’t say I didn’t try.

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Hey! Don’t be so down mate! You tried to revive the category, but sometimes life just won’t budge… We all appreciate what you did, but unfortunately it just doesn’t all come together… Good attempt mate. Never give up!

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Going to sound harsh, so sorry.

To put it bluntly, not many people use the #live:groupflights category. I mean seriously, I would rather attend an event than a group flight. I understand your reasoning, but frankly, nobody will want to come to your group flight. That is why #live:events exists. If you want more people to come, make an event as opposed to a group flight. It is cooler, and the extended time to join it will allow more to join.