Group flights different time requirements?

Ive noticed alot of group flight topics lately that violate the three hour rule and instead take place days later how does this work?

Hello! This is in violation of the rule, all group-flight are only allowed to happen 3hrs after posting, all others are closed.

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thanks, how have they not been closed by mods though? I mean they were at the top of the IFC for a little bit

Because they have other priorities and are not forum zombies.


Usually because they aren’t flagged. They have bigger priorities, so they will be closed when found.

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makes sense and most are in european time zones. I may or May not be a forum zombie.

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Okay thanks for clearing this up guys and or blobs.

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You aren’t by chance mixing up group flights with the events category, are you? Events are allowed to be posted 30 days in advance I believe whereas, as mentioned, group flights must only be posted no more than three hours in advance.


well some are put into the events category. Ive seen like alot of christmas group flights put into the events category.

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That is when the OP want to make a group flight in advance. That allows for 30d before

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I dont understand could you go more in depth

A group-flight in the #live:groupflights category is only allowed to be posted 3hrs in advance. If the OP wants to make a group flight in advance they are allowed to post it up too 30d in advance in the #live:events category.

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If a post breaks the rules please flag it to bring it to our attention.

Contrariety to popular belief, we do not spend all day on the forum. We miss stuff.