Group flight

Does anyone want to fly at WMBT at casual server 20:30z in Bombardier Dash 8 any livery if you do just turn up and copy AGC06 FPL.

Group Flight
Starts at WMBT and ends wherever

I can offer Zello ATC

Yes if that’s ok

Hello. Please look at this post for specific instructions on creating an event, as this form is incorrect. Thanks :)

What zello channel will we be on

Can you create one called WMBT IFATC

sure, you fluent in English

Yes it’s my home lauguge

Cool, where abouts you from

United Kingdom

Cool, same

Have you made the channel

Erm, one second

Actually join IFATC

Can the Dash 8 fly their?

The dash 8 isn’t really for WMBT

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