Group flight

Plan on doing a flight in empty airports tonight. Waiting on people to fly with me. If you wish to fly with me say everything you need in this topic. Since we are going on a flight plan that I plan to make a flight plan. If we are in a group you hopefully need a computer as we will be communication flight levels. Speed. Descents. Everything. Hope you can join me ;)


Oh and by the way, EK and your flight number for callsign just so we know. All planes will be 773ER’s (Boeing 777- 300ER) Emirates Livery for recognition and Emirates livery for the CEO. That’s me.
Flight begins 20:45 GMT
Location explained when we get replies.

Please use better topic titles ;). Your’s was a little confusing.


Cheers Lawrance!

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Maybe we could do it on my stream?

Go on then Alex.

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