Group Flight

Hi, I am doing a fly out on Infinite flight - Event specifics are

  • Flight: Zürich - Buenos Aires
  • Flight Time FT: 12-13hrs
  • FPL: Copy Mine
  • Leader: Go Behind Me
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER or A330-300
  • Livery: SWISS
  • Server: Training Server
  • Alt: FL360
  • Day: Tuesday, 30th of March
  • Timings

New York: 8:30pm
Los Angeles: 5:30pm
Chicago: 7:30pm
London: 1:30am
Melbourne: 11:30pm
Dubai: 4:30am
Singapore: 8:30am

Attendees -

  • <@766794625918697502>
  • <@542052463713189898>

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